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About EURO HOpe

Humanitarian Operations Research studies decision-making problems related to providing logistical assistance for humanitarian purposes, and in response to humanitarian crises. The primary objective of humanitarian operations is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity. Scientific interest and research output on the topic have seen a rapid increase within the last decade.

The purpose of this EURO Working Group is to create a platform that facilitates communication among the interested parties and forms an active group working towards achieving these objectives. It will constitute a reference point for the active research community to advance the development and application of Operations Research methods, techniques, and tools to the field of Humanitarian Operations. Meetings will encourage the exchange of information among practitioners and researchers in this area, and stimulate the work on emerging issues with sound scientific methods.

The European Working Group on Humanitarian Operations (EURO HOpe) and the HUMLOG Institute at Hanken School of Economics are organizing the fifth EURO HOpe mini conference in Helsinki, Finland on the 24.-25. November 2021. This year the event will be in hybrid format.